Why choose an internship in market research?
For the interesting and varied work …

You come into contact with businesses in different branches of industry and are involved in many different kinds of research projects. As a market researcher you help our clients to make policy decisions and often help shape their marketing and commercial strategy. Our client is of course central to the whole research process, and we expect total and enthusiastic commitment from every staff member to bring each project to a successful conclusion. This will sometimes call for ability to cope with stress, but also gives great satisfaction if we can help our client with the outcomes of our research.

For the opportunities that are offered ...

As an intern, you become part of one of our teams; a Senior Research Executive is in charge of day-to-day follow-up and coaching; your internship supervisor is an experienced psychologist who oversees your progress and prepares interim appraisals and a final appraisal.

You get the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the market researcher’s job.

Inside our comparatively small organization, you will get a chance fairly quickly to take responsibility (depending on your skills and progress). You can also take advantage of our internal training programme.

For the workplace ...

Although we have grown quickly in recent years, we are still a relatively small organization with a flat structure and informal etiquette. We are organized in small teams where tasks are clearly allocated. Your fellow team members and the manager will help you find your way around and show you the ropes of the various tasks.

You have lunch together with your colleagues in the Kantar@café, where you can also let off steam with table football or have fun on a Kantar Friday (why not organize your own event?).

For the reputation of Kantar Belgium ...

Kantar Belgium is a professional agency with wide experience in all forms of market research. Our reputation in the market is that of a quality firm that also continuously invests in innovation.

For the international context ...

Kantar Belgium is a division of Kantar, home to some of the world's leading research, data and insight companies. We deliver business insights to national and international clients across all the major business sectors.

At Kantar many projects are commissioned by Belgian clients, but we work for multinational firms as well.

Where is the internship held?

The internship takes place in one of the following teams:

  • Insights - Project Management team – quantitative research department
  • Insights - Quali team – small research team specializing in qualitative research

In order to ensure the best possible coaching, we accept maximum two interns per team and per academic year. The intern will join the current training programme for beginning market researchers and will attend Discover@Lunch sessions where a colleague presents research projects or new developments.

What does the internship involve?


  • Integrating in the research team, understanding how a market research firm works, and mastering the foundations of quantitative or qualitative research assignments.
  • Professional functioning: learning to interact with different departments; keeping engagements and deadlines, preparing and following up planning, displaying flexibility.
  • Further development of competencies:
    • Communication skills: way of communicating with other teams and within own team, conveying a message clearly, communicating assertively and sufficiently frequently, etc.
    • Analytical problem-solving ability: looking for solutions independently when problems arise; analytical thinking, accuracy
    • Independently overseeing and executing at least one project from A to Z

The intern joins one of the above-mentioned teams as 'Assistant Research Executive'. His or her duties will be, in general, to provide assistance in quantitative or qualitative research assignments in various fields and in all stages of market research (design, implementation, analysis and reporting).

This assistance involves, for quantitative research,depending on the team:
Helping to initiate a survey; drawing up questionnaires; checking translations; testing programmed questionnaires; practical organization and follow-up of the field; A-to-Z follow-up of personal project; data quality control; analysis of data (frequency tables, statistical analyses); desk research; data analysis in SPSS/Excel; preparation of management summaries, reports and presentations …

This assistance involves, for qualitative research:
Practical organization and planning of projects; coordination & supervision of recruitment; preparation of recruitment questionnaires & interview guides; taking notes during focus groups/in-depth interviews; conducting telephone interviews; preparation of reporting.

Profile of candidates

Bachelor and master students of industrial and organizational psychology, or other research-related training courses.

We accept interns for a period of 3 months or more.

We welcome interns with a positive attitude and good language skills. To work for local clients, fluency in Dutch and French is required. In the Public team the working language is English.

Where does the internship take place?

The head office of Kantar Belgium is in Brussels (Boulevard Saint-Lazare 4-10 - 1210 Brussels)

  • The location is easy to reach by public transport, within walking distance (10 minutes) from Central/North train station.
  • Travelling expenses are fully reimbursed.

Justin Van Holy, Talent Acquisition Specialist Tel: 31 (0) 612 33 48 82 E-mail: Justin.VanHoly@kantar.com