Agility, cost-effectiveness and robust insights are more important than ever in today's complex, hyperconnected and fast changing world - with content and products being developed and launched more quickly than ever before.

With Kantar Marketplace you can realize market research projects from A to Z in just a few days or even hours, applying our validated market research solutions, benchmarking against our accurate norm databases, in a very budget-friendly manner. This for pre- and post-testing of advertising, optimizing your digital media channels, concept testing, packaging testing...

To celebrate an exciting summer, we're offering a 20% discount!

To celebrate the upcoming summer, we as Kantar Belgium want to offer you a 20% discount on your first project tested on Kantar Marketplace, or if you are already one of our many clients, a new market you wish to test.

The discount offer is valid from 01/06/2021 until 31/08/2021, when serviced by Kantar Belgium.

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