Navigating digital contexts

"Too much marketing spend is being wasted delivering a great ad in the wrong place or the wrong ad in the right place."
With an ever-changing digital media landscape, it is more essential than ever before to optimize your media placements based on the contexts that are most effective for your advertising. Particularly with the rise of non-traditional advertising formats such as influencer or branded content. With people spending so much time on digital and mobile devices, that's where brands need to reach them. However, we need to go beyond these platforms simply to reach people and consider how we optimally use them to connect with people. Our research has shown consistently that the context you place your ad in can significantly impact your return on media investment. And with investment in digital media increasing every year, quickly choosing the right environment can vastly improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Context Lab on Marketplace

But in choosing the right environments you need to know...

  • which digital contexts are best for your brand?
  • and how can you optimize your content for the context it will appear in? Be that traditional advertising, influencer or branded content.

KANTAR’s Context Lab solution uses a new approach to expose the creative in specific contexts. 
Context Lab on Kantar Marketplace provides:

  • results in as little as 24 - 72 hours
  • the ability to compare performance across YouTube and Facebook
  • the ability to test branded and influencer content as well as traditional advertising

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