Covid-19: what are people saying, feeling, doing?

Before you read any further, we want you to take this quiz. We'd love to find out to which Covid-19 tribe you belong. See you in a minute.

Now that you know whether you are a Hibernator, Que Sera, Good Citizen or part of another tribe, keep that in mind and read on.


Based on our global barometer data, Kantar was able to determine two key dimensions that drive behaviour during the pandemic: 1) the degree of concern they feel and 2) their drive to keep up with the latest COVID-19 news. As a result, six tribes could be distinguished, each with specific attitudes towards Covid-19.

Two tribes, the ‘Ostriches’ and ‘Que Seras’, are characterized by putting less importance on following the rules and not feeling the need to be kept informed. The latest barometer results for Belgium (in September) showed that 41% of the Belgian population belonged to one of these two tribes; this is significantly more than compared to other countries worldwide. 

Although a substantial part of the Belgians declare to be less strict with the measures, we remain being very concerned and fearful for the future. The thing we crave the most is direct contact with friends and family. In orcer to overcome this crisis, we want help from healthcare bodies and government, but also companies and brands can play a role.

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Opportunity for brands to lead by example

Uneasy, many are adrift with their worry over the progress of the pandemic and anxiety about re-entering society, leaving an opportunity for brands who can demonstrate capability. 23% of people – the largest proportion – ‘want brands to lead by example and guide change’.

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