The fastest way to understand your brand.


The Kantar Brand Media Monitor is an unique multi brand, multi touchpoint and multi target research. It is a benchmark for the marketing and media world in Belgium.

We provide the market with qualitative insights about people, brands and media and the interaction between them. It includes insights into consumer use of new devices and platforms following them in all phases of the customer journey. The Brand Media Monitor supports Marketing and Communication managers with insights about the interaction between brands and customers through all touchpoints.

Sustainability becoming increasingly important means the Brand Media Monitor also pays the necessary attention to this aspect.


New Belgian data for over 1200 brands across 100 categories and 360° touchpoints are now available for agencies and advertisers.

Eleventh edition of the Brand Media Monitor  - presentation


Commercial Strategy

How many clients and potential clients does my brand have?
How do they behave?

Media Strategy

Through which media channels, devices and touchpoints can I reach my clients and my prospects?

Creative Strategy

Who are my clients and prospects?
What drives and moves them?

The BMM starts where the CIM surveys end

A long term project: bi-annual based on stability and innovation.
Member survey of the international TGI network (Kantar).

Richer description of people

(›‹ CIM: merely socio-demographics)
Integration of internationally validated research tools: semiometrie, Connected Life, TGI attitudes, … that offer exclusivity and insight.
Relevant segmentations of 1000+ brands (›‹ no brands in CIM TGM).

A 360° and 3D approach of media and touchpoints

(›‹ still no ‘roof’ above tactical surveys CIM)
A unisource combination of people, brands and media.
A solid data collection method: single source (two waves), self-administered online questionnaire, large representative sample (n=4800+).

A differentiated offer for all industry parties

media owners, sales houses, media agencies, advertisers, agencies, researchers, …