Empowering marketing in the digital age

Technology continues to reshape consumer behaviour and redefine the business of marketing. Marketing insights need to reflect this newly dynamic, real-time environment: research that harnesses the opportunities new technology and data bring and actionable insight to help you succeed.

At Kantar, we constantly invest in new technologies and data sources to improve the depth and value of our research. We complement our core research offer with social media insights, mobile methodologies, behavioural data and partner with forward-looking consumers via online communities, to take consumer understanding to new levels and ensure that marketing insight keeps pace with digital life.

We provide clear guidance on integrated marketing - how best to leverage digital in the context of traditional media. And we invest in the world’s most comprehensive study of digital behaviour to keep in touch with changing consumer lives to help you make the decisions that will grow your business.

Social Listening 4 Insights

The essence of Kantar's vision is marrying online data with other data sources in order to analyze and understand the consumer voice and thus, to deliver tailor made insights and advice.

Unlocking social customer insight

With socialTRI*M we help you make sense of the wide-ranging conversations your customers are having on social media, and marry this with survey data to help you make the decisions that will build profitable customer relationships.

Social media analytics

Our dedicated social media analytics framework tracks online reputation across the most dynamic digital channels, with real-time analysis of social media content during speeches and TV appearances, identification of key channels, topics and communities, and triangulation with polling and macro data.

Unlocking the co-creative power of the internet

ThinkTank is a simple, yet powerful approach to online communities that allows you to get a quick and intelligent point of view from the ground on the burning issues facing your brand.

The truth about mobile

Mobile data collection is invaluable for accessing hard to reach consumers, and can provide more real and accurate insight by getting closer to the moment of consumer decisions.

Connected Life

Discover how connectivity is reshaping the behaviour of 70,000 people across 57 countries

Influencing shoppers on the path to purchase

Connected Shopper maps the shopper journey, linking the 6Ws (Who, When, Where, What, Why, hoW) with the touchpoints that drive purchase decisions – in and outside the store.

Optimising media performance

AdEffect is a campaign post-testing tool that goes beyond creative evaluation and simple ad metrics to reveal the contributions of each channel (traditional and digital) and their synergies, providing clear recommendations on optimising both creative and media mix.

Delivering precision in the moment

Situational Equity is a groundbreaking approach that allows clients to get closer to the specific moments of brand choice, revealing targeted actions to deliver new sources of growth.

How we’ve helped our clients

Developing mobile-first surveys with Google

Digital, Mobile

The issue

As part of the Consumer Barometer study, Google engaged TNS to build a multi-wave, mobile optimised survey in 56 markets.


We created a mobile-first, device agnostic survey to embrace the challenges of small smartphones screens.


The study provided Google with the insights needed and best practice guidelines for creating mobile-first surveys. It also proved that shorter, smarter surveys can provide rich content.

The impact

There were 50% fewer drop-outs than previous surveys and no complaints from 150,000 respondents. The study is a true partnership between client and agency, cementing our standing and reputation with Google.

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