Smart on-demand insights

Fast, cost-effective and robust insight is vital in today’s complex, connected and fast changing world - with content and products being developed and launched faster than ever before.

Kantar Marketplace is a new research and insights store that offers fast access to data and quick turnaround solutions from Kantar. It is the only on-demand platform that combines high quality sample, validated research solutions, self-serve custom surveys and expert consulting.

With Kantar Marketplace you can:

  • Make quick cost-effective decisions – test your advertising creative in as few as 6 hours or your new innovations in a day
  • Save time and money with instant access to Kantar’s syndicated and – coming soon - existing poll data
  • Get fast, on-demand insights from our consumer panel with polls and surveys – in under an hour (coming soon)

Why Kantar Marketplace?

Kantar Marketplace brings the most comprehensive consumer insights together in one place – to help you can make better, faster decisions.

  • Access Kantar’s validated solutions trusted by 8,000+ clients
  • Understand the behaviours, attitudes and needs of over 88 million people worldwide
  • Connect to over 20,000 permissioned profile attributes
  • With consultancy from experts in over 100 countries

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