Leveraging brand equity for financial growth


How can you gain competitive advantage and capitalize on brand opportunities?

Kantar believes the most successful brands are Meaningful (meets consumer needs), Different (unique and sets trends) and Salient (top of mind). These three qualities, in varying combinations, are what make a brand sell the most, command the highest price, and generate the greatest value share growth. Kantar Millward Brown uses the following three metrics to score brand equity:

  1. Power (grows sales through extra volume)
  2. Premium (commands a higher price)
  3. Potential (sustainable future success)

Our signature brand equity measurement system, BrandDynamics™, is based on Kantar Millward Brown’s Meaningfully Different Framework and forms a core part of our in-market measurement programs. Using BrandDynamics, we measure a brand’s current equity and identify growth opportunities. Our solution is more predictive of current market share than any other available approach.

Why work with us?

  • Over 40 years of brand equity research
  • An unmatched database of 195,000 brand evaluations from BrandDynamics studies
  • Metrics validated against short- and long-term sales
  • Ability to deep dive into consumer behavior to link brand equity to sales through our partnership with Kantar Worldpanel
  • Global coverage and unified brand measurement programs bring clarity to all your marketing insight teams