Introducing Brand Equity Evaluation

The best marketers understand the importance of keeping brand at the heart of everything they do. In today's dynamic business environment, it is easy to lose track of your brand equity as data ages, forcing you to make incorrect assumptions about your brand and the competition. However, agile market research solutions can quickly set you back on the path to growth.

Kantar’s Brand Equity Evaluation provides a robust assessment of your brand’s position and future potential in as few as four days, allowing you to make strategic brand decisions with confidence.

Discover our new Brand Equity Evaluation platform on Kantar Marketplace and learn how to unlock your full brand power.

Hear from Veronique Parmentier, Head of Global Market Research for Zespri, on how they are benefiting from such agile and insightful brand guidance systems.

Watch the full testimonial.



"Kantar's Brand Equity Evaluation solution is based on validated methodology and that is important for us. It will save us time, allow us to do more for less, and we still have the people of Kantar behind the scenes to help us turn the data into insights we can act on. Any tech platform can deliver you very fast, nice-looking dashboards, but what do they actually mean, what actions should we take, and how does that fit with other pieces of research? This is in a nutshell why we opt to work with Kantar Marketplace. "

Artificial Intelligence technology for stronger advertising

Kantar introduces Link AI for Digital, a powerful artificial intelligence tool designed to match the pace and scale of today’s digital campaigns.

With cost-effective performance predictions in as few as fifteen minutes, you can test your creative variations in bulk and make rapid, confident decisions about which ads to run.
World’s biggest advertisers and publishers are already benefiting from this technology.

Get in touch and we can talk about how AI is revolutionising advertising testing and how it can reveal insights for you in minutes.

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