Brand Media Monitor: the fastest way to understand your brand.

The Kantar Brand Media Monitor is an unique multi brand, multi touchpoint and multi target research. It is a benchmark for the marketing and media world in Belgium.
We provide the market with qualitative insights about people, brands and media and the interaction between them. It includes insights into consumer use of new devices and platforms following them in all phases of the customer journey. 


The Brand segmentation allows to have an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of a brand in comparison with their competitors in a sector.  It allows to determine what the profile and attitudes are if a brand would like to recruit new consumers for example. By crossing this brand segmentation with the sustainability segmentation, we can determine how important sustainability is for actual and potential consumers of a brand.

New in this edition


Sustainability becoming increasingly important means the Brand Media Monitor also pays the necessary attention to this aspect.


In relation to the brand segmentation the BMM allows to investigate the changes in behaviour and attitudes related to COVID-19 by actual and potential consumers of the brand.

A 360° and 3D approach of media and touchpoints

The Brand Media Monitor supports Marketing and Communication managers with insights about the interaction between brands and customers through all touchpoints.

New Belgian data for over 1200 brands across 100 categories and 360° touchpoints are now available for agencies and advertisers.

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We saved the best for last. The accessibility to the Brand Media Monitor is very granular and not expensive at all. From insights on performance of your brand, compared to the main competitors with our without info on the target and the media through a full access on all the data in a easy to use software package. Prices start from € 2550.