Brands need to be authentic, stay true to emotion.

Diversity recognises individual differences whether that be colour, origin, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or other ideologies. While diversity is often celebrated, being different and not conforming to established social norms can also lead to prejudicial attacks and discrimination.

Challenging gender stereotypes is a key part of the diversity movement. Gender stereotypes are so ingrained in society, the concept is internalised from childhood. Breaking out of these established norms in society can be challenging. The fight for gender equality and gender diversity has existed throughout history and across cultures.


Celebrate diversity!

It is clear that rich emotions underpin the Pride movement. How can we make better sense of these dynamics?

NeedScope can help.

The NeedScope psychological model summarises human emotions. It is based on key emotive dimensions that exist universally and underlie all human behaviour. Within the NeedScope framework there are core archetypal needstates. These are instinctual and shared by us all, irrespective of culture. They are the emotive needs that drive our behaviour and choices. Courage in the face of adversity can be defined by these underlying dynamics.



So, what should brands do.

  • Be authentic
  • Do not be seen to be cashing in on marginalised communities
  • Do not pay lip service to the cause
  • Do not show superficial support

Connect in ways that naturally fit with your brand's emotive territory.

If you need any support with getting your brand in line with diversity, Machteld and Inge are here to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them.