To give marketers tools to place sustainability at the heart of the company(its) they work for, BAM's Think Tank Sustainability produced a greenpaper in which a dozen experts share opinions, cases and figures.

"With the Think Tank Sustainability, we want to stimulate debate within the marketing world about our role on sustainability. Marketers are confronted by the rapid succession of crises. This threatens to push sustainability somewhat aside, when of course it should be at the heart of all initiatives more than ever. We want to encourage marketers to be part of the solution."

Think Tank 'captain' Nicolas Lambert summarizes the starting point of BAM's greenpaper: a document in which, through various opinions, cases and figures, marketers are inspired to make sustainability a core element in their marketing approach in the coming years.

In it, the members of the Think Tank compiled their own views, but also asked other experts to contribute. This resulted in a voluminous document with something for everyone. "Above all, we want to give hope," says Nicolas Lambert. "Even if the crises puts us in a difficult situation, commitment to sustainability is essential. This greenpaper fuels the debate."

Corinne Mostaert: "Because we cannot leave future generations without hope and as I'm convinced about the role of brands as enablers of change. Brands can make sustainability mainstream. Not only by working on pricing and avoiding that living in a more conscious way is only for the happy few, but mainly by acting on fuels and frictions and removing barriers. I have analyzed two cases in my article, I invite you to discover them in the Greenpaper me and my fellow colleagues of the BAM Sustainability Think Tank wrote."


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