AI 2030

Insights in the AI Era of Human+

Benchmarking in a time of AI

With AI now in the mix, insights organisations must ask themselves whether research skills are still relevant; what will AI do better and how AI will enable insights professionals to do better as a result. ​

Discover learnings from Kantar’s industry-leading research into the future of insights, Insights 2030, or I2030.​

AI 2030 and Empathy

Empathy means a deeper, more expansive, more compassionate understanding of the lives, aspirations and motivations of consumers. Not just Big Data, but human data.

For insights teams to strengthen and deepen their sense of empathy, there are three AI 2030-related areas that must be benchmarked and enhanced. ​

How well insights professionals manage AI to manage data. The breadth, sophistication and quality of AI tools and data, and how well integrated everything is with business decision-making. Training, exercises and processes to build skills, competencies, thinking and ingenuity when managing AI as a creative research assistant. Not just efficiency, but also originality.

AI and empathy article

AI 2030 and Provocation

Insights must stir things up. Not to be disruptive, but to kindle better conversations leading to smarter outcomes. AI will enable insights teams to do this at speed and at scale.

AI 2030 points to four AI-related things to benchmark, one for each of the competencies of provocation.

Focus commercially:
How well insights teams think in terms of the business not just research.
Embrace dynamism:
How well insights teams immerse themselves in uncertainties.
Speak out:
How well insights teams plumb the fact base that AI has made available to all.
Compel action:
How well insights teams communicate empathy in ways that provoke actions.

AI and provocation article

The House of Insights framework from I2030, with its three critical areas of empathy, provocation and activation, remains relevant in the era of AI. It shows the importance of provocation as the channel by which empathy is activated.

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