Some of our research takes place in the ‘car clinic’ (where prototypes are tested). Security is tight because we’re helping develop cars for the future.

Andy, Global Development Director

How do car manufacturers make big decisions? What features do their vehicles need, and what are people willing to pay for them? Our 800 highly specialised research professionals, in collaboration across the globe, answer the vital questions for our automotive clients (including both premium and mainstream brands) in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Working here isn’t about a love of engines. But it does demand fascination for how people work, live and drive all around the world. We help car brands see the picture clearly as changing migration patterns and shifts in technology shape mobility needs. Using a suite of research tools, we identify true opportunities for growth.

Here you’ll enjoy rigorous discussion with clients and close collaboration with colleagues across the practice; acting as a catalyst for successful decision-making by those with big budgets and huge risks to take. We need people that are flexible, client-oriented and looking to leave all cultural bias at the door in this global and compelling industry.