We want people who are prepared to challenge convention.

Rosie, Global Head of Brand & Communication

This vast and established practice area is poised for a revolution. The impact of technology is changing all aspects of brand marketing and research, making this an increasingly competitive field. So be prepared to throw out the rule book and start shaping the future through brand analysis at TNS.

You’ll work as a specialist across one or more of the following areas: positioning, strategy or brand management. We support brands throughout the lifecycle of their products and services. Whether it’s analysing their current portfolio, navigating a competitive marketplace or entering new territories. As a result, we collaborate across a broad spectrum of the business. We’re here to offer our clients the true consumer voice every time – whether it’s one they expect to hear, or not.

Working at a local or global level, we hire researchers curious about how people interact with brands. And we’re looking for individuals confident enough to challenge convention. Be it the client’s, the industry’s, or their own.