We have one very real, very clear objective: to figure people out.

Sarah, Global Head of Shopper

As an emerging field of research, Shopper is home to a host of industry pioneers. You'll join researchers developing new expertise and technology to help us understand today’s shoppers in action.

Because we’re all shoppers, it’s hard to objectively observe these (usually subconscious) human behaviours first-hand. Yet in this practice area we have the skills, intuition and tools to reach the kind of understanding that could dramatically shape how a client’s category is shopped.

Often you’ll start your day with the counter-intuitive – because people don’t always behave the way you expect them to. Your job is to first unearth the reality for a client (how do shoppers behave? what is conscious and what is subconscious? what drives these different behaviours?). Then, you’ll advise how this can be shaped or influenced in future.

You may be visiting stores or eCommerce sites to scope out a client category; liaising with a client on their business issues; or educating and mentoring people internally and externally about the world of shopper insight.