It’s easy having great ideas… compared to making them happen.

Pete, Group Operations Director

50% programmers, 50% project managers – our Operations teams tend to have their work cut out. In this division, the challenge of delivering various research campaigns of all sizes, scales and budgets (sometimes across 80 or more territories) will be something you enjoy. And as every venture is different, you’ll be continually looking for new ways to proceed. Can we be more efficient? Could we speed things up?

You’ll write scripts to capture data, produce and shape reports for analysis, and decide how best to deliver results across different portals. You’ll build our systems (and we work with every form of data imaginable) and take charge of gathering the data. Fielding enormous surveys also means working in close collaboration with Client Services teams around the globe. In Operations, each and every individual is relied upon to ensure our work is consistent in quality, speed and efficiency across all time zones and categories.