Capture both Passive and Active Attention

Given the significant time people spend on digital and mobile devices, it’s crucial for brands to reach them effectively. However, merely reaching people isn’t sufficient; brands must also establish meaningful connections.

Context Lab – powered with attention data – provides insights into content effectiveness within specific digital contexts—before, during, or after your campaign goes live. You can evaluate paid digital media across various platforms, influencer content, branded material, and native marketing.

Understanding which creative performs best in different contexts allows you to optimize placements, enhance digital campaign performance, and achieve your goals.

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Tackling these challenges

Comparing Brand Impact Across Platforms and Versions

Understand how your brand performs across different platforms and versions. Analyze metrics such as awareness, consideration, affinity & associations to identify areas for improvement.

Attention-Grabbing Content

Craft content that captures attention. Use compelling visuals, concise messaging, and clear calls-to-action. Test different approaches to see what resonates best with your audience.

Creative Strengths of Digital Ads

Evaluate your digital ad creatives. Consider factors like storytelling, uniqueness, and relevance. Leverage data to identify which elements drive the most positive responses.

Optimizing Placements

Strategically place your ads where they’ll have the greatest impact. Consider user behavior, context, and timing. A/B test different placements to improve effectiveness.

Why Context Lab?

  • Test Across Platforms: Evaluate the same ad in various contexts—YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YOUKU—to ensure optimal performance.
  • Compare with Branded or Influencer Content: Understand how your ads stack up against other content types. Does your brand message resonate effectively?
  • Attention Metrics: Measure whether people pay attention to your ads. Stronger impact begins with capturing their interest.
  • Behavioral Data and Brand Lift: Capture behavioral insights alongside brand impact and creative diagnostics. This holistic approach informs your strategy.

Remember, you can also compare your results against robust normative benchmarks and swiftly set up projects via Kantar Marketplace for rapid insights within 48 hours!

Optimize your digital media now

The ad industry is already adopting attention...

Attention metrics are key for ad pros, with 90% affirming their significance and 65% marking it as crucial in sales and customer journeys. Many plan to invest in this area in the next year. Connect now to begin.

Martine Philippe
Brand Guidance Lead
Kantar Insights Belgium

Deniz Sarıyıldız
Head of Creative & Media Domain
Kantar Insights Belgium