In a world being reshaped by technology right in front of our eyes, consumer brands need to manage complexity, deliver more with less and receive actionable insights at ever greater speed.

Kantar’s comprehensive access to high quality and meaningful proprietary datasets coupled with its brand expertise, deep knowledge of the consumer, and years of experience with AI and machine learning means that we are ideally placed to shape your brand of tomorrow.



Areas of focus to enhance our Indispensable AI

Kantar is your indispensable brand partner in a world being reimagined with AI


Expand the coverage, quality and insights available from Kantar’s data and data partnerships. Through ethical data and data training. Collecting, storing, and processing the most comprehensive data in the industry, with the highest quality. Ensuring the full connectivity of Kantar’s data assets to unleash its full potential.


Leverage the analytical power of human talent through adoption of new technologies at scale. Recruiting, upskilling and fostering a culture of continuous learning in the space of AI. Engaging our clients in this journey. Developing products and solutions that are easy to use.


Increase the speed, coverage and tech led depth of insights linked to brand. Partnering with consumer brands and tech first industry leaders for agile and open innovation.


Apply our rigorous user permissions standards and ensure compliance with global data protection and privacy laws where PII/personal data is utilised or generated.


Ensure the data used for AI models is reliable, complete and relevant to research purposes.

Ownership and Use

Define and communicate the intellectual property rights involving the ownership of data, the AI Model, technologies, outcomes and other materials generated.


Track the provenance of data and its transformation throughout the lifecycle.

Clients and 3rd parties

Assess whether our use impacts intellectual property rights belonging to clients or others.

How we’ve helped our clients

LinkAi: AI-powered ad testing

How can marketers leverage AI to test more of their advertising faster and drive stronger marketing impact?

Using AI and machine learning, Kantar continues to forge new innovative paths helping advertisers drive stronger marketing impact through creative. It tests creative assets quickly, iteratively and at scale, decreasing time to market and increasing ROI for our clients.

AI-powered ad testing

Link AI on Kantar Marketplace is the fastest, fully automated, AI-powered solution to guide creative and media optimisation available today. It is built on a database of over 250,000 ads and 35 million human interactions. Test your own or competitor digital and TV ads in as few as 15 minutes with LINK AI.

Find out more with LinkAI

NeedscopeAI - Optimise Brand Positioning

NeedscopeAI - Optimise Brand Positioning

How can marketers use AI to ensure that all brand assets deliver a consistent message across touch points and build competitive advantage?

NeedScope has helped drive brand growth in more than 15,000 studies across 115 markets.

Understand the functional, identity and emotional needs in your market and how best to access them, using Kantar's validated psychological framework and AI capability. Analyse a brand’s imagery and video to understand the degree to which they are in alignment with the brand’s targeted emotive positioning across touchpoints.


With a focus on emotion, NeedScope provides the direction you need to differentiate your brand positioning and deliver a consistent experience across touchpoints. Its validated psychology-based framework and unique tools, including the NeedScope AI video and music decoder, help you build meaningfully different brands that drive strategic and competitive advantage.

Key features

  • Unique, projective approach Understand the functional, identity and emotional needs in your market and how best to access them.
  • Building irresistible brands Stand out and drive competitive advantage by evaluating your brand and the competition on four proven principles of meaningful difference through emotion.
  • Aligning on emotion Align all brand assets and touchpoints on emotion using NeedScope AI image, video and music decoder tools.
  • A world-class solution NeedScope has helped build meaningfully different brands and drive brand growth in more than 15,000 studies across 115 markets.
BrandDynamics - AI-enriched foresight

BrandDynamics - AI-powered brand tracking

AI-enriched foresight to power your marketing decisions, every day

  • Gives always-on and predictive insights relative to a peer brand set
  • 50+ years’ experience based on over 50,000 brands distilled into one product
  • Uses Trend AI technology to cancel the ‘noise’ in the data that distorts short-term metric movements and let customers see category trends with no time lag
  • Thousands of people surveyed per day across categories and countries
  • 4x more fraud prevention than any other supplier
  • Survey completion rates are 23% higher than the industry average
  • Leverages Kantar’s Meaningfully Different Framework – the only brand equity measurement approach approved by the MASB
LIFT ROI - AI-powered, always-on unified measurement platform

LIFT ROI - AI-powered, always-on unified measurement platform

A modern, disruptive measurement approach changing the way marketeers think, evaluate and influence their marketing performance and KPIs. LIFT ROI provides actionable campaign insights to strengthen marketing and media decisions.


AI-powered, always-on unified measurement platform enables marketers to optimise their media budget in nearly real time. Continuous data and models refreshed in-flight daily for timely insights into media and marketing performance and in-flight optimisations.

Key features

  • Future Proof Use actionable insights to quickly make informed decisions with fast refreshes to take advantage of market opportunities without the use of cookies.
  • Holistic View Get the data you need, when you need it, all in one location bringing together Brand Equity, Creative Quality and Sales data for Long-term and Short-term objectives.
  • Actionable Insights Build more accurate future scenarios considering not only digital media, but also paid, own and earned in and offline media, industry factors, economy and environmental factors.

About the cover


Creating an AI-enhanced image was one of our goals for the cover. The unique feature of AI-generated imagery is that it can sometimes have a surrealistic quality. In addition to growing and blooming, AI is constantly changing, so with this prompt, we were able to create a plumage of flowers surrounding our subject, transforming it from the original image into a more holistic one that fit within our colour scheme and related to the topic of the presentation.