How to help consumers reduce their waste footprint

Play your part in the battle against waste

Waste is a big issue because the world is in danger of being over-run with rubbish.

Brands have a big part to play in solving this challenge. 24 of the 38 categories we track in the Sustainability Sector Index are strongly associated with over-packaging, non-recyclable packaging, landfill, overconsumption and waste.

Helping consumers produce less waste is a huge opportunity because there’s a significant value action gap. The Sustainability Sector Index 2022 found that while 45% of consumers say they want to use products that are reusable or refillable only 21% buy them.

The brands that make is easy, meaningful and rewarding for consumers to do the right thing will also boost their businesses. Closing the value action gap can unlock an opportunity worth nearly a $1bn in FMCG alone.

To find out how your brand can play its part in creating a waste free world, download the report here.

Our new report Designing for a Waste Free Future identifies the key actions that brands need to take to maximise their impact, including:

  • Bringing everyone on the journey by designing products for mass adoption;
  • Identifying the global issues and the local interventions that reflect the cultural context
  • Testing transformative approaches through partnerships.

We have a specialised Sustainable Transformation Practice to guide your brand through the shaping of strong ambitions and actions. Talk with our sustainability experts about how we can help you navigate your sustainability challenges.

Corinne Mostaert Sustainability lead
Central & Southern Europe
Kantar Belgium

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