Five lessons from Effie Europe winners on creating effective advertising.

Effie Awards Europe and Kantar have joined forces to bring you critical insight on what makes award winning advertising so effective. Using LINK AI, Kantar’s scalable creative effectiveness tool, we tested 200 award winning ads from the last 2 years, and consolidated the findings to understand what makes them tick.

Download the guide and discover:

  • The top five lessons we identified from Effie Europe award winners in 2022 and 2023.
  • How the best ads manage to cut through and build brands even in challenging times.
  • Inspiration and strategies to supercharge your own campaigns.

How we’ve helped our clients

LinkAi: AI-powered ad testing

How can marketers leverage AI to test more of their advertising faster and drive stronger marketing impact?

Using AI and machine learning, Kantar continues to forge new innovative paths helping advertisers drive stronger marketing impact through creative. It tests creative assets quickly, iteratively and at scale, decreasing time to market and increasing ROI for our clients.

AI-powered ad testing

Link AI on Kantar Marketplace is the fastest, fully automated, AI-powered solution to guide creative and media optimisation available today. It is built on a database of over 250,000 ads and 35 million human interactions. Test your own or competitor digital and TV ads in as few as 15 minutes with LINK AI.

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