Finding order in the chaos

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, accessing timely, actionable insights on your creative content is critical to move faster and smarter, to better compete, increase sales and grow your brand.

Ever had these question on your mind?

  • Is my creative strong enough to move onto the next stage of development?
  • Will my ad resonate with my target audience and land the intended key messages
  • What are the specific strengths and weaknesses of my ad?
  • Which of my ads/ad versions will best achieve marketing objectives?

Not all advertising is designed to do the same job, LINK+ allows you to tailor different measurement features to build the most powerful creative testing solution to meet your specific campaign and research goals, whether you are testing early-stage storyboards or final executions.


High quality creative is proven to drive business growth and profit


Salience contribution*
If you want your brand to be noticed, creative quality is the single biggest driver.
Return on marketing investment**
If you want to generate profit, effective ads are more likely to lead to increased ROMI.

Evaluate your storyboard before going to the next stage

NEW Automated storyboard helps you get the most out of your creative investment. Save time and money with a quick & cost-effective decision making, earlier in the process.
  • Understand which of your video's boards have the greatest potential to achieve success
  • Diagnose each storyboard strengths and weaknesses
  • Get actionable recommendations for changes to the script before and/or during production

Researching earlier has a greater likelihood of short-term sales rise

If you’d like to find out how this revolutionary approach to ad testing can help you increase sales and build your brand, please register for the webinar on 6 June.

We would love to talk to you about how LINK+ can evaluate and optimize your storyboard and tv creatives that will increase sales impact & build brand value.

Deniz Sariyildiz, Creative Effectiveness Director

Majid Mardan, Kantar Marketplace Business Development

*Drivers of Brand salience at an overall campaign level. Source Mastering Momentum - Brand Exposure 2020, based on Kantar’s Global CrossMedia database **Kantar and WARC collaboration 2023 for short and long-term ROMI impact