Magnify creative effectiveness at scale

Follow these 3 steps to launch your next creative campaign with success

Before development

Get alignment on the unique message and positioning that will bring your brand to life.

During development

Get the content right to unleash short- and long-term effectiveness.

When live

Optimize your media ROI in a granular and actionable way.

Key take-aways to improve your next creative campaign

Before anything, understand the structure of your brand.

During development, don’t guess. Test in 15 min & optimize.

When live, granularly optimize your media plan in real time

How to measure, predict and optimize marketing levers including indirect effects?

Kantar’s always-on UMMO platform and mixed marketing modelling accurately helps you measure the effect of your marketing investments and optimises your marketing spend using AI technology. It takes all media into consideration, both online and offline. The models are built using all relevant external factors impacting sales including macro-economic and industrial factors. Also, Kantar’s world-class brand equity data can be integrated to optimise both short and long-term.

Learn more about UMMO

In this webinar, we dived into the 3 steps that successful marketers use to make it happen, harnessing the power of AI and analytics as a game changer for creative effectiveness.

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Our solutions:
Link AI - Creative testing & optimizing
UMMO - Media plan optimizing in real time

Martine Philippe
Brand Guidance Lead
Kantar Insights Belgium

Deniz Sarıyıldız
Head of Creative & Media Domain
Kantar Insights Belgium