Wondering about the future of mobility in Antwerp and Brussels?

The great cities of the world are energizing and challenging places to live. One of the greatest challenges is urban mobility - how people travel to, across and within the city landscape. Despite the environmental need to limit the use of cars for personal transport, people are still holding onto them, whether for the status, convenience or simply because there is no feasible alternative.

To discover what drives people's mobility decisions and help businesses prepare for tomorrow's transportation needs, we've talked with 20 000 people across 31 cities and consulted with 53 leading mobility experts.

Our study,  Mobility Futures, is available to buy as a city, regional or global report. It will help you better understand the big opportunities for tomorrow's urban mobility by considering:

  • Which moments are key to influencing people's travel behavior
  • How apps and new technologies can benefit mobility
  • The business opportunities arising from the progressive shift from ownership to usage
  • How to develop successful strategies to prepare for the future of transportation
For the next wave we are aiming to have two Belgian cities - Antwerp and Brussels -  to be added to the Mobility Futures project. Organisations subscribing to the report will receive:
  • an extensive city report (see example attached)
  • forecasting simulator
  • full data set and tables.

Get in touch with Mathias Bonneu for more insights on how to subscribe to the report for Antwerp and/or Brussels. The ultimate date to enlist is 31st of March

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