How can gender progressive advertising help grow your brand?

Gender balanced brands drive far greater brand value.
Still, only one in three brands achieve this balance in Belgium


Gender is a sensitive topic - one that society is currently renegotiating across social, cultural, political and commercial spheres.But beyond the industry PR headlines and some award winning campaigns, how does a typical brand manager, media manager or advertising creative actually go about making gender progress?

Our new research is designed to accompany marketers on their gender progress journey.  It is based on the most comprehensive global analysis Kantar has ever undertaken to assess how women and men are portrayed in ads, and how they respond differently to marketing.  All delivering fresh new insights into the role of gender in brand strategy, creative response and media targeting. 
The overall aim is to help brands grow, by getting gender right.

Our top insights:

  • Gender balanced brands drive far greater brand value. However, only one in three Belgium brands achieve this balance
  • Analysis of Cannes award-winning ads from the past decade revealed men are 62% more likely to be shown as smart in advertising.  
  • Women are still over-targeted in categories like laundry and household products and under-targeted on automotive. However decision-making in Belgian households is rarely down to just one gender.
  • Only 1 in 5 ads featuring women use humor, while this is 1 out of 2 ads when featuring men.  
  • Online ads are failing to deliver to (Belgian) Women
  • Men and women handle ad avoidance differently  
  • Smart media optimization can help to make up for creative with skewed gender appeal

Take a look at our global report to find out more.

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