What role does brand play in the consumer decision journey?


The consumer decision journey is a feedback loop.


What triggers your brand and what your brand triggers is revealed in the way people make decisions. Whether unconscious processing prevails or brain gymnastics triumph, shoppers make decisions under the influence of persuasion that occurs in each of the three stages of the decision journey.


Flipped on its head, this persuasion argument is how businesses build sales momentum now and in the future. Brands that succeed in the three facets of the consumer decision journey - Experience, Equity, Activation - realise a phenomenal growth. And although the stages are presented in an orderly fashion, each person can jump on the decision bandwagon earlier or later in the journey. As he or she can by-pass stages in accord with their self-rightness. Here they are: 


  1. Experience - triggering repeat sales
  2. Equity - triggering future sales
  3. Activation - triggering current sales

The 3 stages in the consumer decision journey that influence sales.

So, what is brand value and how can you grow it?

A brand’s value is compatible with its brand equity, the power in the mind of the consumer that is revealed in their choices. No longer an enigmatic concept, brand equity can be tangibly measured with our validated Brand Power and Potential metrics, our surrogate metrics for understanding and predicting sales. With these measures we can detect if a brand is moving the needle in being perceived as: 

  • Meaningful: is it meeting people’s needs?
  • Different: is it perceived as a trend setter for its category?
  • Salient: a brand that comes to mind quickly in a purchase situation?

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