FutureShapers provide a forward-focussed lens on categories.


Future proof your brand.


"FutureShapers are the people who will have the greatest impact on shaping the future of your market."

In an increasingly unpredictable and complex commercial environment brands today have more questions about how to maximise their future potential. Choosing the brands, concepts, products and communications that will be most relevant to consumers tomorrow means identifying and understanding the needs of consumers who will predict and shape the attitudes of your customers in the future.

FutureShapers are strong advocates because they broadcast category content that others are receptive to within a well-connected network. By combining these dimensions we know how influential a person is within a specific category.



 combines early adoption theory with influence to identify people who switch to new products early and influence other consumers with their views.
When you need to understand...

  • which needs are going to grow or decline
  • how consumers will change their expectations in future
  • your own brands' potential to grow and what to do to gain momentum

FutureView provides a forward-looking window on the market. It is a model of future influence which identifies FutureShapers, the people who will have the greatest impact on shaping the future of your market.

  • combines innovation adoption models with the latest thinking on influence...
  • in six easy questions that can be added to any research...
  • to identify the FutureShapers for your category

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