The results of the ILRES PLURIMEDIA 2022.II study conducted by ILRES and KANTAR Belgium are now available.

This study, which provides information on the audience of the press, radio, television, cinema, advertising leaflets and internet, was commissioned by the country's three major media groups: Editpress SA; IP Luxembourg/CLT-UFA and Mediahuis Luxembourg SA. The study was also supported by the Luxembourg Government.

Since the 2014-15 edition, considering the evolutions of Luxembourg society in terms of telecommunication and internet usage, the study is based partly on telephone surveys, partly on the internet. The aim is to broaden the survey base and thus ensure that the results are more representative.

To further improve audience measurement:

  • Since October 2018: the duration of the surveys has been reduced by splitting the study into 2 separate parts (Press and Audiovisual). The ILRES PLURIMEDIA study is now carried out with 2 random samples representative of the population residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Since mid-September 2019: for the telephone surveys, a probability sampling method that also includes mobile phone surveys has replaced the quota sampling method.

Press component

  • Audience of press titles, their websites/applications and advertising leaflets
  • Universe of people aged 15 and over
  • Sample of 3,504 respondents (1,407 by mobile phone, 954 by landline, 1,143 by Internet)

Audiovisual component 

  • Audience for radio, TV, their websites/applications and cinema
  • Universe of people aged 15 and over
  • Sample of 3,552 respondents (1,407 by mobile phone, 954 by landline, 1,191 by Internet)

The survey was conducted in two waves, from mid-September 2021 to the end of June 2022.

In the full article (French only) you will find some key figures, concerning the average readership per publication period, i.e. readership per average day for daily newspapers, readership per average week for weekly newspapers, and so on. For audiovisual media, the figures generally indicate the audience per average day, except for cinema and special broadcast television channels where the reference period is one week.

The results of the study obtained from random samples of individuals are extrapolated to the whole population of residents in Luxembourg.

The figures are given in number of individuals and percentage of the total population aged 15 and over for all media.


The results of the "ILRES Plurimedia" study are published every two years; the audience measurements communicated systematically concern the surveys carried out over the last 10 or 12 months. The results of the "ILRES Plurimedia 2022.II" study will be published at the end of March 2023 and will cover the periods: mid-February to the end of June 2022 and September 2022 to January 2023.