Emotion is fundamental to every decision that every consumer makes. It enables our fast thinking, exerts an unconscious influence over our choices and is always, always in play when it comes to how we respond to brands. Brands can only become irresistible to consumers by mastering the secret language of emotion: symbolism.

In this feature, we reveal how conscious and consistent use of symbolism can build powerful relationships, leverage the emotions that govern decision-making, and make your brand an irresistible choice that is almost impossible for rivals to compete with:

  • How emotion governs decision-making across all touchpoints and all categories
  • Why emotion-based planning needs to apply to more than just communication
  • How symbolism enables brands to activate the right emotions consistently
  • The different roles played by colours, fonts and shapes
  • Enlisting all senses in emotion management
  • Designing offline and online brand environments with emotion in mind.
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