It’s a universal archetype that dominates the human consciousness and occupies an emotional space many brands aspire to.

But taking on the Hero role demands a very different approach depending on the market you are operating in.

We present the essential playbook for would-be Heroes, exploring the charismatic power of this hugely important emotional theme, whilst revealing the stark and surprising contrasts in what being a Hero means for different cultures:

  • How ‘stalwart and straightforward’ changes to ‘mixed-up and on a mission’ when you cross the Atlantic from the US to the UK
  • The essential differences between France’s sensuous rebels and Germany’s finely honed heroes
  • The significant contrasts between the Hero’s relationship to authority in India and China
  • Staying alert to evolving expressions of the Hero archetype
  • The brands that have mastered the different expressions of the Hero – and what you can learn from them
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