Extensive research from TNS proves that social media and search data can accurately predict the results of brand tracker surveys months in advance. The implications for market research are enormous.

In this feature we explain the techniques between our breakthrough in applying Big Data to brand equity, and explore the implications for the future of research:

  • How search and social delivers an R2 of 0.9, explaining 90% of variations in brand equity, eight weeks in advance
  • How search and social data corresponds more closely to brand equity than attribute questions in surveys
  • The importance of contextual understanding to isolating, analysing and modeling the relevant data in the search and social stream
  • How search and social listening can detect and adapt to emerging themes
  • A shorter, smarter future for the use of surveys in brand tracking
  • The applications of search and social to broader areas of market research: innovation and product development, customer experience management and more
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