Being authentic as a brand is more important than ever.

As governments are planning for exit strategies, also companies need to start 'planning the party' and their brands entrance when the new normal arrives. Communication is key, consumers expect you to acknowledge the situation and don’t pretend it is business as usual.

We have seen brilliant pieces of advertising these days. But, do we all need to use the same emotive strategy, use the same language? The last few weeks a lot of advertising was similar, using the same symbols, words and music... YouTube creator Microsoft Sam illustrated this perfect in this brilliant clip

You can give your consumer a positive message, but be aware not to loose your point of differentiation.
Especially, when your brand’s DNA is not in the supporting and bonding emotive sphere, this might seem untrue and to some extent even opportunistic.

At Kantar we can help you decoding your communication and advertising concepts by using Artificial Intelligence, to check whether the emotive symbology used in the ad is still in line with your brand personality.


NeedScope’s unique models and tools unlock the layers of needs and brand image to help you build irresistible brands that drive strategic and competitive advantage.

Emotive clarity drives meaningful difference

  • NeedScope AI Decoder recognises the archetypical symbolism in visual imagery.
  • It is used to decode symbolism in advertising video, as well as static images from print advertising, social media and other visual assets such as pack design.


To get you familiarized with the concept you can now have a free try out of a decoding of one static image.

If you need any support with your decoding your advertising, Machteld and Inge are here to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them. 
Download the deck 'Helping Build Irresistible Brands through AI'.