Predicting, managing and profiting from new technologies is one of the most important challenges that business leaders face.

It requires them to integrate a hugely diverse range of perspectives in a meaningful way: they must balance the insights of technology specialists with those of consumer experts, they must understand the related technologies that will determine a new launch’s success, and they must predict the moves and motivations of all of the players behind those technologies.

The TNS Innovation Stack provides a unique tool for mapping the technological ecosystems that control the fate of innovations, and determine their impact on markets. In this feature, we explain:

  • How the success of any innovation depends not just on what it can do, but what the ecosystem allows it to do
  • How the Innovation Stack provides a holistic view of the ecosystem as it is evolving
  • Why it’s important to understand both the end-uses that will drive mainstream adoption and the technologies that are required to make them possible
  • Why an incremental view is essential for judging the motivations and future behaviour of key players within the ecosystem
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