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Winning the second wave: the key to online video success

Winning the second wave: the key to online video success What pushes an online video campaign past the tipping point? What separates those with genuine momentum, sustained influence and real return on investment from those that generate a brief...

July 2016 | Digital

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Why going viral is not enough: the shape of effective social media campaigns

What do effective social media campaigns look like? Marketers tend to answer this question by adding up numbers. They keep score of views, likes and shares, of the number of feeds that their activity appears in and the number of actions that it...

May 2016 | Digital , Social insight

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Five challenges marketers must tackle in 2016

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, marketers must re-think the roles that their brands play in consumers' lives – and how they bring those roles to life across platforms and touchpoints. To be effective, they need a means of targeting...

January 2016 | Digital

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Marketers: the future is ready for you now

Extensive research from TNS proves that social media and search data can accurately predict the results of brand tracker surveys months in advance. The implications for market research are enormous. In this feature we explain the techniques between...

April 2015 | Research methods , Social insight , Digital , Brand & Communication

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The four personas of connected consumers

The nuances of today’s digital lives demand a new form of segmentation. In this feature, you’ll meet the four personas of connected consumers that can guide multi-channel strategies in a fragmenting media landscape, and explore how the dimensions...

December 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , Technology enabled research

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Closing the eCommerce gap

Online sales growth routinely outstrips any other kind – yet less than half of all online research translates into purchase. Connected Life reveals the barriers that keep shoppers in different cultures browsing rather than buying, and the advantage...

August 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , eCommerce , FMCG

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Demystify the future – see beyond the hype

Predicting, managing and profiting from new technologies is one of the most important challenges that business leaders face. It requires them to integrate a hugely diverse range of perspectives in a meaningful way: they must balance the insights of...

May 2014 | Digital , Innovation & Product Development , Technology , New products and services